360inControl® Risk Matrix & Boardish Align For Seamless Remediation to Financial Decision-Making Process

360inControl® Risk Matrix & Boardish Align For Seamless Remediation to Financial Decision-Making Process

For several weeks now, all forms of activities around the world have been severely affected by COVID-19. In this period of inertia, some companies have seized the opportunity to make the most out of it. 

With this in mind, the past few weeks have been busy for us here at Boardish as well as our partners at 360inControl® who have been working behind the scenes to improve our joint offering.  

Whilst Boardish helps quantify risk into financial impact figures for decision-making, 360inControl® is a leading corporate governance risk and compliance management organisation that helps you manage and assess the risk in your business first.  

As partners, we provide the whole step by step process for remediation through to approval, but our partnership has just gotten more exciting!  

360inControl® Are Aligning Standard Risk Matrix With Boardish  

What does this mean for CISOs?  

That’s the exciting part. CISOs can use the full range of 360inControl®’s tenant and then easily transfer their reporting into Boardish to quickly quantify into financial figures independently. 360inControl® now offers default values for Risk Levels, Likelihood, and Impact Magnitude which align with the Boardish methodology and make it easier to assess and quantify risk.  

This unprecedented move has also taken us one step closer to a joint API to provide the ultimate powerhouse of services to CISOs. 

This stands out to help all of our clients and users create a comprehensive inventory of their data, classify it and evaluate the existing risk levels. Covering every aspect of risk awareness and discovery to effective and clear communication with the company’s board. This clears the path for accelerating all forms of approval quickly! 

If you want to read more about 360inControl®’s new risk matrix and how it aligns with Boardish, take a look at their documentation here: https://360incontrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/360inControl-Default-Risk-Matrix-V-1.41.pdf 

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