6 Winning IT Proposal Ideas to Take to the Board

Winning IT Proposal ideas to take tot he board

6 Winning IT Proposal Ideas To Take To The Board

Winning IT Proposal ideas to take tot he board

Taking your proposal to a board of directors is nerve-wracking even with all the preparation in the world. And, you can never be 100% sure whether they will accept your idea or not. This is why we have prepared some tips on the best IT proposal ideas to present to your board of directors, and how to explain the benefits they bring:

#1 Lower Cybersecurity Risks With New Security Solutions

Cybersecurity has become a major focus of all businesses because the latest data breach statistics speak volumes about how much damage they can cause. Keeping everyone up to date on the latest cybersecurity threats and having advanced encryption options is the way to do this.

Educate the board on just how these solutions work. For example: It monitors who is accessing what information, and thanks to machine learning, it will quickly detect anomalies in such processes. If a specific workstation is accessing too much information all of a sudden, it will raise a red flag that you can follow to determine if systems have been compromised.

#2 Reduce IT Costs By Moving To The Cloud

The best IT proposal ideas will emphasise savings and cost reduction, and cloud computing is the way to go. Introduce your proposal on moving to the cloud by presenting the benefits of cloud computing:

  • No more on-site servers
  • No high costs of server maintenance
  • No need to have security staff on premises
  • Lower energy costs
  • Increased security
  • Automatic updates
  • Disaster recovery options

Prepare to explain how security can be better if your data isn’t on premises anymore, and why they should trust somebody from the outside to handle important updates.


#3 Reduce Energy Costs And Carbon Footprint

Another great way to get your IT proposal ideas approved is to explain how much energy you can save annually by switching to a system you are proposing. Don’t just say “It’s simple math” – give them hard facts and figures about energy savings.

Make sure you mention that your company can get quite a lot of tax breaks for reducing your carbon footprint and going green. The best way to go green is by switching to virtual machines, implementing cloud computing solutions, and going paperless.

#4 How You Can Improve Operations With Automation

Your IT proposal ideas should always explain how they are improving certain aspects of the business. Every business wishes to be profitable, which means to gain as much as possible with minimal investment. This is exactly what new software solutions are helping you achieve.

If your company is still stuck with doing everything manually, get them on board with automation and software-as-a-service solutions. Be very detailed about their benefits – explain how they work, how they are used, how they impact regular operations, and how they can improve them.

#5 Eliminate Delays And Bottlenecks With AI

AI (artificial intelligence) software is already an integral part of business operations. It helps collect and analyse data, and often has advanced tracking and analytical capabilities that can show you real-time data on all operations. These capabilities also identify bottlenecks that might have been missed up until this point.

By removing such bottlenecks, the company will increase profits because they can do more in less time, and staff will have more time to work on important tasks instead of being stuck with daily busywork.

#6 Innovating With Smart Technology

IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices that are essentially smart sensors relaying data via the internet are a big game changer. These sensors can be used to track inventory and processes within the supply chain. The company will have real-time information on where inventory is currently located, and even whether it has been damaged in transit. That information helps discover inefficiencies that could have not been observed otherwise.

It also helps by tracking of inventory levels. Inventory management is improved because you can now track how much materials and products are used, so you will always know when it’s time to order more, and have data on how much you have to order.

Smart devices can also be installed to track machines and assets. These sensors can predict possible issues thanks to all the data they gather. Ultimately, this will save lots of money because you will prevent expensive breakdowns before they ever happen.

Just remember that the right IT proposal ideas will not only get your project approved but will propel your business operations and increase company profits, which will help you get your future proposals approved easier.

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