Established in 2018, Boardish is a business communication tool that turns risk into business and financial terms so that any executive or board member can confidently take ownership of the IT & Cyber function risk.


Our ethos is that probability isn’t effective for cyber security risk management. That’s why, at Boardish, we use our bespoke algorithm and methodology created using years of consulting experience in both the technical and management realms to create a practical process and platform that works. 

With the aim of improving compliance, and minimising the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding technological risk, Boardish is the innovative tool in the arsenal of any business who wants to bridge the communication gap and practically improve decision-making and risk ownership at the C-Suite level.

Combining Co-Founder Eli’s technological and cyber security background with Co-Founder Hadar’s board management expertise has created the perfect environment to develop a tool the bridges both sides of the communication gap. It’s about time technology and cyber can speak Boardish…

Meet the people

behind Boardish

Rotem Slavin


As a Director of Finance with more than 13 years of demonstrated experience in enterprise-level financial planning and analysis, risk management, controlling and M&A. As CEO, Rotem helps bring Boardish to the Boardroom for financial professionals. 

Eli Migdal

CTO, Co-Founder

IT and cyber expert Eli has helped countless businesses of all sizes advance their IT solutions. With high profile clients across Israel and Europe he has had to get many IT budgets approved throughout his career and fully understands the challenges this creates for IT managers, CTO’s, CIO’s, and CISO’s.

Hadar Kantor

President, Co-Founder

With over 19 years of experience dealing with board communication, Hadar has extensive management experience, particularly in management psychology and corporate organisation. He specialises in personalised coaching for CEOs and senior executives so understands the language the board needs to hear.

Charlotte Ratcliffe


Head of Marketing, Branding, and Product Development Strategy, Charlotte has a BA in business leadership, and understands the challenges that miscommunications with decision-makers can cause for cyber and technology teams. Using nearly a decade of marketing experience she is helping build a strong brand for Boardish from the ground up.

David Varnai

Advisory Board

20+ years experience building systems across business models, scaling processes, technology, and output optimization. 

Shalev Yazi

Advisory Board

Certified CISO with 10 years experience in business operations and a strong background in the IT and Cyber domain.

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