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About Boardish Certified Partners

As a Service Partner or Distributor of Boardish you will be helping cyber professionals turn threats and solutions into financial impact figures. Cyber vendors commonly use Boardish as part of the sales approval process to show cost of threats to the business, and cost of mitigation (by their solution) giving a more accurate ROI figure decisions can be made with. For CISOs and other cyber professionals, Boardish is an internal communication tool that helps speed up the IT & Cyber budget approval process. 

By becoming a Boardish certified partner you’ll receive incentives for signing up clients to Boardish, discounts on your own plan, and be part of the growth of our innovative new tool. 

Why Become a

Boardish Service Partner?

Here are just some of the benefits you get as a Boardish reseller…


Service partners get a percentage of either the one-time sign-up cost of your clients. Or a percentage each year they renew for the next 3 years.  

*Distributors get higher discount percentages the more licenses you buy. 


We use a ‘coupon code’ based system so when your clients sign up with your unique code, it automatically allocates the sale and commission to you. 


Our partner training site contains marketing materials, graphics, and training that you can use to make more sales. It’s a portal just for our service partners and distributors.


Be the provider who can give actual cyber quantification and give the missing piece of the puzzle by introducing them to a risk quantification tool like no other.


Boardish is a web app that doesn’t require integration or implementation (Although our API does provide this should your clients want to.) This means it’s quick and easy to sign up new customers and get your incentives.


Answers to our most common

Service Partner questions


Answers to our most common reseller questions

You’ll get between 10% and 30% of the annual package price they sign up to. Depending on the package. For Distributors you get higher percentages the more bulk licenses you buy. 

Simply get in touch. Then we’ll go through some basic questions to make sure we’re the right fit. Once you sign the partner or distributor agreement you’ll be on your way. You’re welcome to sign up to Boardish yourself to get a sense of the process for your clients or we can just run through a personalised demo. 

We can offer you target audience sheets to help you make more Boardish introductions. Simply get in touch and let us know you want to become a partner and you can speak to our marketing specialist who will help you with setting up.

No. However most of our service partners choose to use Boardish as a sales tool for selling other products anyway. For Distributors you’ll buy your licenses in bulk and have an activation code instead. 

Boardish is a risk quantification tool specifically designed to improve the IT & Cyber budgeting and sales processes to get approval a lot quicker. It communicates cyber ROI by showing the cost of threats (and more) to decision-makers to streamline the IT & Cyber budgeting and sales process. 


Customers can also use Boardish to get more insight into solution effectiveness. And the ability to test solutions against each other.

Boardish is also an easy way to do a proof of concept by using historical data.

You’ll gain competitive advantage, as customers will be faster with implementing vendor solutions and making decisions.

We don’t currently offer a sales dashboard however for bigger service partners who bring in multiple clients per month we do offer a monthly report.

Already a partner? Visit the Training Site.

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