Benchmarking Your Success as a Cyber Pro (And 4 Metrics To Use)​

Benchmark Your Success

Benchmarking Your Success as a Cyber Pro (And 4 Metrics To Use)

Charlotte Ratcliffe, CMO Boardish | 27/03/2021

Benchmark Your Success

A common feeling in IT support is that “when it breaks, IT isn’t doing their job because it’s broken; when everything’s working, IT isn’t needed.” 


And it’s this misconception that can plague cyber professionals as well. If there’s no data breach or cyber attack on the company, “what is the cyber pro for? what does the cyber pro actually do?” But when things do happen, “cyber hasn’t done their job.”


So can you overcome this and benchmark your success as a cyber professional and show your ongoing value? 


You do this through performance benchmarks that show you and IT’s value to the company. 


In any business, performance is evaluated against a criteria to determine how well one does their job. For the people in Sales, this is done by setting monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets. And more often than not, achieving or exceeding those sales targets come with incentives.


As a cyber professional, you should have your own set of benchmarks to quantify your success and highlight your value to the business. You can do this by using Boardish.

How Boardish Works

Boardish is a tool that lets you quantify the costs and financial impact that your company can suffer from cybersecurity threats. It also lets you quantify the impact of your plan to mitigate those threats. In other words, it shows in numbers and figures how much you’re saving the company by protecting them from these threats.


For example, using Boardish, you calculate that the company’s current cybersecurity vulnerability will cost $20 million in losses if not mitigated. To address the issue, you implemented new cyber strategies and solutions, and streamlined processes within a month. 


After a month, Boardish analyses the exposure and shows that it’s down to $10 million – a 50% decrease in a short period, which is a huge cost saver for the business. That’s how you benchmark! 

4 More Ways to Benchmark Your Success as a Cyber Professional

Aside from quantifying the cost of security threats, there are other ways you can benchmark your success as a CISO or cyber professional:


1. Optimising Budget 

Reducing your budget or streamlining it to optimise spending is a good benchmark that results in additional savings for the business. However, this should not be the main driver of success because you’ll need to spend on cybersecurity protection. Sacrificing security for the sake of spending less will cost you more than you saved.

2. Degree of Preparedness

How prepared is your organisation for cyber attacks? Poor IT security makes any organisation vulnerable to data theft and hacking. This makes the level of preparedness a good benchmark as it shows how well you’re able to protect your network and data.


Network vulnerability scans show how many devices on your network are patched with the latest security updates. Having visibility over vulnerable devices enables you to properly defend your network from being exploited.  

3. The Time Needed to Deliver IT Services

For businesses to thrive, it has to innovate or quickly adapt to economic, social, and cultural changes. And how fast IT can deliver its services in support of business goals is a critical success measurement. If you or your team fail to deliver the needed hardware, software, or services needed within the expected time frame, it can cause the whole business to stumble towards its goal.

4. Customer Satisfaction Scores

Customer satisfaction are usually tied to the products or services offered by the business. However, these are usually tied to IT as well. Digital transformation solutions, combating security threats, developing new systems, and providing project support are just a few things that have a direct impact on the products and services enjoyed by customers. And a high level of customer satisfaction indicates a successful IT team.

5. Risk Mitigation

If you start off the year with a huge amount of risk and then mitigate it, whether or not you are breached this shows you’ve been successful. The best way to do this is to quantify the risks themselves and then treat them like any other target or benchmark. Using Boardish you can turn cyber threats into financial figures which allows you to create a starting point in your success in your job role! 

Ultimately benchmarking your position as a cyber professional is just as important for job retention as it is for the company to show cyber progress. 

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