Boardish API

Cyber Risk Quantification Integration


Use the Boardish Engine for your application to seamlessly add Cyber Risk Quantification to your current platform/tool!

Boardish works in addition to your existing platform so you can display the information or add additional calculations however you want. Your clients and users get the same user experience you’ve always given them, but with the financial quantification of cyber risk they need to put it into action with decision-makers. 

The Boardish API is best for the following software vendors

  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Assessment Platforms
  • Board Reporting Tools
  • BI Dashboards
  • Breach Simulation Tools

The Value Of Boardish API

For Vendors & End Users

Quick Integration

Some applications can integrate in a day or less.

POSTMAN Collection

Fully functional and ready-to-go POSTMAN collection to test the API.

Swagger Documentation

For ease of implementation and integration.

Unique Methodology

That focuses on threat impact and NOT probability giving your tool competitive advantage.

Out-Of-The-Box Flexibility

Present Boardish calculations in your own app, giving your users more value with the same experience with your solution that they’re used to. 

How The Boardish API Works

With Your Application

Boardish Is The Missing Link Between Risk Assessment & Board Budget Approval
Using one of our partners as an example…

Adding Value To Your Existing Software

By Simplifying Complex Cyber Security Quantification For Your Users

Unique Methodology That Focuses On Threat Impact

Measure Multiple Solution Effectiveness in Two Environments using your company-specific knowledge (on-prem/cloud)

One of the unique elements of Boardish is the TPF algorithm that allows you to weigh up the effectiveness of a solution at mitigating threats in the cloud and on-prem. You can do this for multiple solutions of the same threat to find the perfect mitigation combination or quantify your reporting threats and solutions. 

Present Boardish In Your Own App - The Way You Want

The Boardish API provides full cyber risk quantification integration (CRQI) so that you can present the output of Boardish the way YOU want and in a way your end-users will recognize!

And unlike the Web App you don’t have to use the Boardish dashboard or branding, which is perfect for internal use. 

Specific Metrics & Filters For The End User

Regulation loss, salary loss, sales loss, and market loss are all available.

Focus on one or multiple areas at a time. For DPOs this could be regulation loss, for the CMO this could be market loss, or you can bring it all together to share specific filter calculations in reports based on each threat!

Include Accurate Solution Costs That Include 'Time Spent'

Boardish Quantifies The FULL Costs of Solutions for better accuracy comparisons. 

Solutions aren’t just the cost of software or hardware, or even per user licenses. They are the time, effort, and energy you put into implementing them over the course of the project. Plus you can include yearly maintenance figures and multiple ‘experts’ in the cost for the most accurate figures for your users when working on solutions. 

Convert Risk Assessments To Financial Figures

When you want your application to quantify. There’s Boardish.

About Boardish

Boardish is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between IT and the board to streamline decision making when it comes to cyber security and technology.

The aim is to provide tangible and quantifiable risk analysis to cyber security, a fast paced and frequently changing area in business. Something that, until now, was hard to quantify in cost and risk analysis.

Boardish is not only revolutionizing how CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, DPOs, and IT managers approach the board, but shows tangible results in explaining how various IT and cyber security solutions combat specific business threats. To ultimately build an IT budget or implementation plan with all the information, and get it approved quickly!

In essence, Boardish transforms your IT threats and solutions into the Board’s language to not only get your IT budgets approved, but spark the necessary conversations between you and the board.

No more spreadsheets, no more misunderstandings, just effective communication and decision-making.

Get the pragmatic guide to cyber risk quantification