How Boardish Works

Cyber Risk Quantification Made Simple

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60% of organizations say their executive management team doesn’t have enough understanding of information security to evaluate cyber risk and preventions successfully.

– EY

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    Boardish helps you to..

    Start a Conversation

    And bridge the communication gap on risk between technical and non-technical executives.

    Show a Financial Snapshot

    Turn IT & Cyber data sources, SOC, and SIEM into financial posture. To easily report to the board and C-suite.

    Measure Cyber Controls

    Show ROI on solutions, benchmark your existing security stack, and develop KPI's for tool success.

    How Boardish Works

    Cyber Risk Quantification Made Simple

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    Board oversight and reporting on cybersecurity risks could become mandatory for public companies under new rules proposed by the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) as of 2022.

    Why Boardish?

    Cyber Risk Quantification Made Simple With These Features

    Understand How Threats Relate to Revenue

    Communicate how much individual or groups of threats will cost the business. And show the effect on the bottom line.  

    Simulate Based on Severity

    Run simulations with executives based on how much you want to mitigate and the level of severity of individual threats. 

    Show Mitigation Based on Logs

    Connect to data sources so you can show how effective your current cyber program is. 

    Communicate Exposure Ownership

    Show the financial risk responsibility of insurance and the remaining exposure to be owned by the business.

    Who's Talking About Boardish...

    Your familiarity with large companies, your quick understanding and extensive and comprehensive knowledge of all tools (from conceptual understanding to the level of the individual log) contributed significantly here and the process was fast, clean and required almost no time and effort on our part, needless to say it is a huge advantage! And usually most products fall at this point.

    Racheli Soffer


    “We used the dashboard to show the exact financial sum of exposure we were trying to mitigate with our project proposal which helped us get the board onside. The comparison and filters were also useful when they wanted to delve deeper and outline exactly where the exposure was coming from.”


    Global Hospitality Chain

    “Before [Boardish] we were unable to demonstrate the ROI of security spend with spreadsheets, numbers, and emails. After, with the financial metrics displayed we were able to get the approval to go forward with Boardish.”

    Ross M

    Security Consultant, Passageway

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