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We understand the critical importance of risk assessments for identifying threats and potential solutions in an organization. But the problem (until now) is that risk assessment tools offer varied report outputs, and most of them can’t be understood by C-suite decision-makers.
The Boardish methodology, used by CISOs and cyber professionals, helps to quantify risk assessment reports into financial figures and get faster approval by the C-suite. But, Boardish works best when CISOs and cyber professionals don’t have to do all this legwork. Add to your risk assessment tools and products by adopting the Boardish output that CISOs and cyber professionals need to help them financially quantify!

How Boardish Works

With Boardish

Bridge The Communication Gap
When technology meets ‘bottom line’. There’s Boardish.
Boardish Is The Missing Link Between Risk Assessment & Board Budget Approval
Using one of our partners as an example…

Creating Simplicity & Decision-Making

From Complex Cyber Security Quantification

You Control The Effectiveness of Your Solutions

Measure Multiple Solution Effectiveness in Two Environments using your company-specific knowledge (on-prem/cloud)
One of the unique elements of Boardish is the TPF algorithm that allows you to weigh up the effectiveness of a solution at mitigating threats in the cloud and on-prem. You can do this for multiple solutions of the same threat to find your perfect mitigation combination. This section is manual which means you can run simulations with effectiveness giving you complete control over the solutions and quantification, keeping the human in control.

See a Snapshot of Your Organisation's Threats & Solutions Right Now

Capture and maintain security posture as it stands right now, rather than predictive for the future giving you immediate figures to work with.
Your overall security status will fluctuate based on ever-changing cyber threats. Take a snapshot of your organisation and it’s security posture right now, and then easily update and monitor it in the future!

See The Results That Are Important To You Using The Filters

Regulation loss, salary loss, sales loss, and market loss are all available.
Give decision-makers and the board the custom results they ask for by being able to focus on one area at a time. For DPOs this could be regulation loss, for CMO this could be market loss, or you can bring it all together to share.

Give Accurate Solution Costs That Include 'Time Spent'

Quantify The FULL Costs of Solutions By Assigning Your Experts
Solutions aren’t just the cost of software or hardware, or even per user licenses. They are the time, effort, and energy you put into implementing them over the course of the project. Plus you can include yearly maintenance figures and multiple ‘experts’ in the cost too for the most accurate figures.
Convert Risk Assessments To Financial Figures
When you are dealing with risk management translating tech to business. There’s Boardish.

About Boardish

Boardish is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between IT and the board to streamline decision making when it comes to cyber security and technology.

The aim is to provide tangible and quantifiable risk analysis to cyber security, a fast paced and frequently changing area in business. Something that, until now, was hard to quantify in cost and risk analysis.

Boardish is not only revolutionizing how CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, DPOs, and IT managers approach the board, but shows tangible results in explaining how various IT and cyber security solutions combat specific business threats. To ultimately build an IT budget or implementation plan with all the information, and get it approved quickly!

In essence, Boardish transforms your IT threats and solutions into the Board’s language to not only get your IT budgets approved, but spark the necessary conversations between you and the board.

No more spreadsheets, no more misunderstandings, just effective communication and decision-making.

Improve Business Reactivity
When you need fast IT budgeting approval. There’s Boardish.

Get the pragmatic guide to cyber risk quantification