IT & Cyber That Speaks The Board’s Language

Help create cybersecurity clarity in your organization without dedicated cyber security director role. Boardish helps IT managers or decision-makers to identify and quantify risks in an SME or mid-sized organization. By creating exposure opportunities of enterprise-level solutions and their effectiveness Boardish can improve cyber understanding at all levels of the organization. Creating simplicity out of the complex cyber landscape SMEs and mid-sized organizations face.

The Current Challenge...

Right now, smaller organizations have the same threats and risks as enterprises and large companies but with fewer resources to protect themselves. Without a CISO, the IT function must communicate with decision-makers to get budgets approved but is often lacking the ability to speak their language. Boardish not only bridges the communication gap but helps provide complete quantification that can be used for decision-making.

Bridge The Communication Gap

When technology meets ‘bottom line’. There’s Boardish.

Creating Simplicity From Complex Cyber Security Quantification

Find Solutions & Measure Effectiveness

Measure Multiple Solution Effectiveness in Two Environments (on-prem/cloud)

With the Boardish list of solutions you can select options you may not have heard of to test their effectiveness. One of the unique elements of Boardish is the TPF algorithm that allows you to weigh up the effectiveness of a solution at mitigating threats in the cloud and on-prem. You can do this for multiple solutions of the same threat to find your perfect mitigation combination.

Quantify Solutions Costs

Quantify The FULL Costs of Solutions By Assigning Your Experts

Fully communicate your time to decision-makers to make budget approvals more streamline. IT solutions aren’t just the cost of software or hardware, or even per user licenses. They are the time, effort, and energy you put into implementing them over the course of the project. This precise quantification in Boardish allows you to easily give the board in-depth, accurate figures and statistics.

Filter Results

Filter Results Based on What Matters To The Board

You can do this in the Boardish dashboard and filter by Regulation Loss, Salary Loss, Sales Loss, and Market Loss to give the board exactly the customized results they are looking for even if you don’t speak their language! 

Make Your Job Easier!

When you are dealing with risk management translating tech to business.  There’s Boardish.

Boardish is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between IT and decision makers  to streamline decision making when it comes to cyber security and technology.

The aim is to provide tangible and quantifiable risk analysis to cyber security, a fast paced and frequently changing area in business. Something that, until now, was hard to quantify in cost and risk analysis.

Boardish is not only revolutionizing how CTOs and IT managers approach the board, but shows tangible results in explaining how various IT and cyber security solutions combat specific business threats. Perfect for SMEs and mid-sized organizations to stay reactive without a dedicated cyber security director position.

In essence, Boardish transforms your IT and cyber threats and solutions into the Board’s language to not only get your budgets approved, but spark the necessary conversations with decision-makers on cyber security. 

It’s time to speak Boardish…