Boardish Partners with 360inControl®️

Boardish Partners with 360inControl®️

Boardish Partners with 360inControl®️

Boardish Partners with 360inControl®️

Boardish, a cyber risk quantification tool, and 360inControl®️, a new generation of internal control system (ICS), have announced the start of their partnership that will help provide a full risk management and control solution for CISOs around the globe. 

Bringing Together Risk Discovery and Risk Quantification

360inControl®️ helps companies create a detailed inventory of all information they have, classify it accordingly, and assess the current risk levels. Boardish, on the other hand, transforms this information into financial figures that help CISOs communicate risk and solutions effectively with the board and decision-makers.

Andreas von Grebmer, co-founder of 360inControl®️, Information Security & Risk Advisor, and CISO explains that the partnership is a step in the right direction: 

“It’s logical for 360inControl®️ and Boardish to work together, since our services complement each other rather than compete against one another. While 360inControl®️ offers risk assessment through master data management and defining values for likelihood and impact of various risks, Boardish complements this beautifully by putting actual figures on all threats and risk levels.”

Eli Migdal, co-founder of Boardish, greeted the business partnership: 

“Boardish has been particularly selective about who we work with, and so this just shows the calibre of 360inControl®️ and their product. They have a truly wholesome solution that detects and keeps track of all types of data the company works with, which makes risk assessment and quantification much easier.”

Bringing CISOs a Full Risk Management Solution

The most important point here is that the Boardish and 360inControl®️ will have no integration between each other currently, but will still be able to provide a full service to any CISO who needs a clearer picture of the cybersecurity landscape. 

The partnership between Boardish and 360inControl®️ encompasses the whole journey: from risk awareness and risk discovery, to clear communication with the board and fast-tracking their approval.

Full-service Partnership Is the Next Step 

The business partnership is just the start, with Andreas and Eli confirming they will likely become service partners as well. By becoming service partners, they would share resources, enabling them to get a better overview of cybersecurity and improve their tools even more. In addition, they would also release joint case studies for existing customers, helping CISOs get a good picture of just how much faster they could implement solutions by using these tools.

Ultimately ushering in a new age of vulnerability assessment and remediation process that is complete for CISOs.

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