Boardish Rolls Out New API to offer Cyber Risk Quantification Integration (CRQI)

Boardish Rolls Out New API to offer Cyber Risk Quantification Integration (CRQI)

Press Release | 08/02/2021 | by: Boardish

Boardish has officially rolled out their API which allows a vendor’s existing platform to use the unique Boardish methodology as an engine for cyber risk quantification integration (CRQI).


With the Boardish API, vendors can use their existing platforms and user experience but gain competitive advantage by adding an accessible risk methodology that their users can practically use with decision-makers. 


The API is fully flexible and allows internal and customer-facing applications to use the Boardish calculations as the final output or part of the calculation process. For example, board reporting tools can add technological risk quantification to it’s offering as a new value-added output, whilst a risk assessment organisation might use the calculations to better generate posture figures. 

At its core, the Boardish API makes risk quantification much simpler and accessible for existing software vendors who may have struggled integrating complex methodologies in the past. However, Boardish is making sure the API is fully equipped and ready to go, with integrations in as little as a day for some.


The Boardish API also boasts: 

  • Fully functional POSTMAN collection to test the API 
  • Full Swagger documentation for automatic up-to-date API documentation
  • Unique methodology that focuses on threat impact NOT probability = competitive advantage
  • An out-of-the-box Risk Quantification Engine that specifically benefits the following software vendors: 
    • Risk Management
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Risk Assessment Platforms
    • Board Reporting Tools
    • BI Dashboards
    • Breach Simulation Tools

Co-Founder Eli Migdal says the new API has been in the works since the end of last year, and that “the Boardish API is our strongest offering yet. We have had many requests from vendors for integration since we launched, so we wanted to keep the developers in mind as well as the end-users. So the API has everything you need for a very fast roll-out and integrations, to give your software the quantification end-users need to help with decision-makers.” 


To learn more about the Boardish API, visit: 

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