Boardish Signs a Service Partnership with Global Risk Management and Advisory Firm Jeanensis

jeanensis announcement

Boardish is continuing to broaden its network of partnerships, with its latest global service partner being Jeanensis – one of the leading global risk management and advisory firms based in New York.

Having three distinct branches – the Jeanensis Research and Intelligence, Jeanensis Capital Markets, and Jeanensis Advisory Partners. Jeanensis LLC focuses on providing risk advisory, research, and intelligence and capital markets services to forward-thinking clients. Their mission being to provide insight, guidance, and commitment to each of their clients.

They focus on the fast-developing industries of fintech, regtech, AI, blockchain, innovation, and technology. As well as providing advisory services to investment capitalists, mid-market firms, and multi-nationals from those industries.

The new partnership with Boardish brings unprecedented capabilities to the table for both partners: Jeanensis will now have a new toolkit at their disposal, one that enables actual risk quantification, making communication and presentation of risk and opportunity to their clients much easier. Putting them at the forefront against competitors, whilst Boardish gets more insight into the latest developments sweeping through tech industries, helping them improve and tweak their product even more, and giving more insights for their monthly report offering.

With this partnership, Jeanensis clients will now have access to actual numbers for each risk and solution, improving communication and making decision-making much faster.

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