Boardish Signs New Service Partnership with Women’s Powerhouse Firm Tiisa Group

tiisa and boardish partnership announcement

One of the guiding philosophies at Boardish is to make the CISO’s lives easier and allow organizations to make informed decisions on risk using quantification into financial figures.

Boardish’s latest partnership is with the ground-breaking risk-management firm Tiisa Group, a women-led powerhouse in Africa playing in a mostly male industry. Tiisa Group aims to solidify its client’s security with risk management and governance services to strengthen business activities whilst providing practical solutions.

The new Boardish service partnership allows Tiisa Group to enhance their offering to their clients, by not only providing risk management but the next step as well. Risk quantification. For Boardish, the Tiisa Group is an excellent opportunity to share and expand its methodology and toolkit into Africa, widening its reach.

Boardish co-founder Eli Migdal says, “we’re really excited to have the opportunity to work with the Tiisa Group and extend our collaboration with leading risk management organizations further”

Tiisa Group Director Denise Nel echoed Eli’s sentiment by saying, “we are excited about the value that Boardish adds to the Cyber conversation at senior management and board level. Finally, a tool that provides tangible quantified insights into the cyber risk exposure and where to prioritise mitigation.”

The new partnership opens a pathway for both parties, as they can now provide new and improved services to both prospective and existing clients.

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