Boardish Signs Service Partnership with Cybersecurity Risk Management Firm RiskAssist Consulting Inc.

Boardish Signs Service Partnership with Cybersecurity Risk Management Firm RiskAssist Consulting Inc.

04/02/2021 | by: Boardish

With its continued commitment to bring simpler cyber risk quantification solutions, Boardish has partnered with RiskAssist Consulting Inc., a risk management company that specialises in commercial risk.


Diane has been recognised as one of the Best Risk Management Consultants by Search the Elite in 2017 and brings with her more than three decades of experience in the field of risk management and commercial risk. Offering services like continuity and sustainability planning, as well as insurance expertise, CEO Diane says of the partnership, “I’m excited by the partnership with Boardish. It’s a great opportunity to expand my brand and to engage more with business owners for their ultimate security, enhancing and adding more services to my portfolio.”


Cybersecurity threats are constantly a risk for any organisation. Businesses need to recognise potential dangers and mitigate risks to prevent any attacks against their network and data, which will have financial implications and can damage their brand. However, communicating the seriousness of these risks is another challenge that can leave a gap between consultant and boardroom. “My colleagues and I knew of the vulnerabilities to cyber created by our daily lives, but it was difficult to convince people of the same without an advanced risk assessment,” says Diane. 


With this partnership in place, RiskAssist can provide a stronger case to corporate decision-makers about the impact of these vulnerabilities through quantifiable data using Boardish’s services. Co-founder of Boardish, Eli Migdal states, “I’m excited to see RiskAssist Consulting become a Boardish partner. It’s a great example of how flexible Boardish is for consultants to add cyber risk quantification services and stand out among the competition.”


With this partnership, RiskAssist expands their brand and adds even more value to their risk management services by using Boardish, resulting in a faster decision-making process both internally and externally, whilst Boardish has the capacity to expand awareness with their partnership scheme. 


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