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Starting With Solutions

Here is where you’re able to easily quantify the solutions you want to use in your organisation to mitigate the threats you’ve outlined in the previous section. When it comes to IT budgeting this will allow you to directly compare the cost of the solutions against the risks you’re dealing with. It’s this level of comparison that enables you to be better understood by the board. Learn how to fill out the section with this solutions guide.

For the purpose of our example organisation we’re using rough costs but to be able to compare accurately in your organisation make sure you’re solution costs are accurate.

Like with the threats page you can use the drop-down menu to select the name of the solutions you want to propose. Then fill in the various types of costs associated with purchasing or ongoing licensing. For example, you’ll put the one time purchase payment as well as any costs per year, or costs per unit.
You don’t need to add in any costs for support or working hours to implement the solution as these will be considered in a separate section.

Add Your Own Solutions

If you want to add your own solutions you can simply click the blue plus button to add another row on the table and then ‘add solution type’. From there fill in the solution name and the vendor that creates it which will add it to your personal drop=down menu.

Enabling/Disabling Solutions

Don’t forget you can enable and disable solutions in the Input Wizard to stop them showing up in your dashboard if they are no longer relevant. We don’t recommend deleting solutions as this may cause issues with your dashboard.
Lastly, click save and next to save your solutions.
If you have any concerns not covered by this solutions guide, or if you need help figuring out the right solutions, feel free to ask a question in our Facebook community or email us directly.

Solutions Guide FAQ

Boardish isn’t just designed for you to use for IT budgeting but helps IT professionals understand the type of answers they need for a full proposal and analysis. Not having all the answers is okay, it can help you start a conversation in your own organisation. You can also: 

  • Get in contact with us either directly or via the Facebook community, we’re happy to go over anything with you so you have more of an insight into your answers. 
  • You can speak directly with your team and other senior staff to find out the answers yourself. 
  • You can use Boardish without some of the answers. But note that you won’t be getting the full benefit of Boardish and your results won’t be as accurate. 

If you discover a bug or you’re struggling to use Boardish. Please contact us directly or via the Facebook community so we can help you out.

Within the Input Wizard in both the Threats and Solutions section there is a button where you can input your own custom threat or solution. This will then add it to the normal dropdown list. 

It is our recommendations that you only ‘disable’ the threats and solutions that you don’t want showing on your dashboard. Otherwise you’ll have to go through each stage of the input wizard deleting the relevant information. It’s quicker and more effective to disable, and then you can enable again in the future if necessary. 

If you’re having trouble identifying solutions to combat the risks in your organisation, you can take a look at our default list which is constantly growing. Alternatively we provide free consultations so simply leave a message in our Facebook Community or drop us an email directly and we can help you determine the correct solutions for you.  

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