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    Take everything away and Boardish is unlike anything else out there. It is essentially a tool that helps you show your IT threats and solutions in a way that the board will recognise. That’s why it’s perfect for IT budget proposals. You don’t have to use a spreadsheet or create confusing formulas, Boardish is responsive and allows you to quickly change information to run simulations and gather information based on your organisation as it stands right now.


    Boardish also helps to:


    Quantify IT threats and solutions as actual financial impact using our unique algorithm
    Helps explore the organisation from different perspectives and spark conversations companywide
    Allows IT professionals to get the board and other staff on the same page when it comes to the impact of IT threats and solutions to create a culture change in the organisation.
    Plus it gives you clear and simple visualisations to put in your presentations.

    Yes. Boardish is currently in BETA which means all of its features are free. Signing up now will give you access to the full premium features free of charge until our planned production release date in Summer 2020.


    *After the release date, anyone who has previously signed up will automatically get a further 6 months of premium features free before deciding whether they want to use the Free or Premium version of Boardish. For more information visit our Pricing page.

    Boardish isn’t just designed for you to use for IT budgeting but helps IT professionals understand the type of answers they need for a full proposal and analysis. Not having all the answers is okay, it can help you start a conversation in your own organisation. You can also: Get in contact with us either directly or via the Facebook community, we’re happy to go over anything with you so you have more of an insight into your answers. You can speak directly with your team and other senior staff to find out the answers yourself. You can use Boardish without some of the answers. But note that you won’t be getting the full benefit of Boardish and your results won’t be as accurate.
    Boardish is currently still in Beta, so as with any new software, we’re doing our best to work out the kinks. If you discover a bug or you’re struggling to use Boardish first refresh the page you’re on as this often solves the problem. Then, please contact us directly or via the Facebook community so we can help you out.
    Within the Input Wizard in both the Threats and Solutions section there is a button where you can input your own custom threat or solution. This will then add it to the normal dropdown list.
    There isn’t currently a full threat list within the Boardish app, but we’d be happy to discuss this further and provide one to you if you contact us directly.
    It is our recommendations that you only ‘disable’ the threats and solutions that you don’t want showing on your dashboard. Otherwise you’ll have to go through each stage of the input wizard deleting the relevant information. It’s quicker and more effective to disable, and then you can enable again in the future if necessary.
    Currently Boardish only supports GDPR but other regulations will be added in our next update version. This is because the legal minefield is hard to quantify specifically for each situation and often has a lot of other factors involved. We would rather our algorithm is accurate without the regulation impact than inaccurate with multiple regulation options.
    We understand the importance of information security and do our best to keep your information secure. One of the ways we do this is to use OKTA as our authentication system so we don’t store your passwords. We also use a dedicated token for each database access so that we can segregate and protect your information to the best of our ability. We did not spare any efforts or means to maintain maximum security.
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