CyberTech 2020: Insights From Eli Migdal (Part 2)

Cybertech 2020

CyberTech 2020: Insights From Eli Migdal (Part 2)


Eli Migdal, our founder, attended the CyberTech 2020 and got lots of insights from the event. 

In this video, he is discussing the complexity of the cybertech field and how to easily communicate it to decision-makers and board members. 


“How can we really expect our boss, our decision-makers, to fully comprehend the complexity of cybersecurity, especially now in 2020?” 


He explains that even the cybersecurity community finds the field extremely complex. To keep on top of things, cybersecurity professionals must learn about new developments and keep a close eye on new threats, as well as being aware of all the regulatory changes. 


Cybersecurity professionals spend lots of resources on understanding the latest developments – both threats and solutions – by constantly reading, learning, and using proof of concept. 


And while so many resources go into understanding threats and developing adequate solutions quickly, there is also the issue of a big skill gap in the field, where there just aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals. 


“How can we explain this super complex problem which is also complicated for cybersecurity professionals?” asks Eli. How can cybersecurity professionals present the threats and solutions to the board of directors and decisionmakers? 


He gives an insightful answer: “We must simplify it it’s our responsibility. This is what we are getting paid for.” 


As cybersecurity professionals, the only way to truly communicate the impact to board members and decision-makers is to quantify the complexities of the cybersecurity field into financial figures. 


It’s simple really: the board and decisionmakers do not have the time to keep track of all the changes in the field, and they do not care about the complexities faced by cybersecurity professionals. What they do care about are the figures. 


It is not the rate scores or complexity that helps them make a decision – it’s the financial impact. 


Simplify. Don’t complicate.

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