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Hourly Costs of Experts

It’s not just the cost of the solutions themselves that need to be considered, but the cost of implementing and maintaining them as well. Your IT team will usually consist of various levels of expertise each with their own costs and that will have to be considered in your IT budget. 

Again, it’s fine to give a rough estimate of hourly costs and even if you don’t have a team member at each level in your organisation yet, add in an average cost which you can allocate to subcontractors or supplier experts as well. This section is not limited to internal staff members, so if you’re organisation has to pay for it, it should be included in the expert costs.
Then click save.

Salary Resources

If you’re having trouble with average hourly costs for IT professionals here are some resources to help: 

Expert Costs Guide

Allocating Experts To Solutions

You’ll then be able to allocate experts to the solutions you’ve suggested. 

The exciting part about this section is that you can allocate various experts to each solution and then assign the hours you approximate it would take you per year in each job role. This includes one time expert help like initial implementation or troubleshooting as well as ongoing maintenance and support. 


Looking at our example we can assign a third level IT role for 15 hours a year for the setup, and then 10 hours for second line support for potential trouble shooting and then 120 hours for the year for first line to support and maintain it. 

As you can see, if you want to add more roles for your solution, simply click on the blue plus button and select the solution you want to allocate from the drop-down menu. 

Do this for all of your solutions and don’t forget to click save and next. 
If you have any questions or concerns about filling in the expert costs section, feel free to ask a question in our online Facebook community or drop us an email.

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Boardish isn’t just designed for you to use for IT budgeting but helps IT professionals understand the type of answers they need for a full proposal and analysis. Not having all the answers is okay, it can help you start a conversation in your own organisation. You can also: 

  • Get in contact with us either directly or via the Facebook community, we’re happy to go over anything with you so you have more of an insight into your answers. 
  • You can speak directly with your team and other senior staff to find out the answers yourself. 
  • You can use Boardish without some of the answers. But note that you won’t be getting the full benefit of Boardish and your results won’t be as accurate. 

If you discover a bug or you’re struggling to use Boardish first refresh the page. Then if it persists please contact us directly or via the Facebook community so we can help you out. 

Simply select the level that the third-party IT professional is at and allocate it to your solution as you would with internal staff. You can include their hours within the same solution so you’re getting an accurate cost of the solution overall.

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