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Quantifying IT Risks And Solutions Into Financial Impact

Transform Your IT Threats & Solutions

Quicker IT Budgeting Approval At Board Level

Easy Snapshots of The Organisation

Quantifiable Cyber Security Risks And Solutions.

Bridge The Communication Gap

When technology meets ‘bottom line’. There’s Boardish.

How Boardish

Welcome To Boardish

The Best Of Boardish

Quick Simulations

After filling in your accurate organisation details you’ll be able to run quick simulations to quantify risks and their solutions to present to the board. Unlike on a spreadsheet you’ll get excellent and easily changed visuals that you can save as part of your presentation.

Excellent Reactivity

As a transformative IT tool, Boardish helps present a snapshot of the business at any given moment. Making it easy to change and update according to the ever-changing landscape of threats, solutions, and regulations.

Quantify The Unquantifiable

Show cyber security risks and solutions in tangible costs and losses for the business. Something that’s never been done before.​

FREE Support & To Use

No need for budget approvals to use this innovative tool. Plus, we provide free consultations and support for your organisation to get the most out of Boardish!

Ditch The Spreadsheet

When you want to spend less time on Excel. There’s Boardish.

Boardish is an innovative free platform that bridges the gap between IT and the board to streamline decision making when it comes to cyber security and technology.

The aim is to provide tangible and quantifiable risk analysis to cyber security, a fast paced and frequently changing area in business. Something that, until now, was hard to quantify in cost and risk analysis.

Boardish is not only revolutionizing how CISOs, CTOs and IT managers approach the board, but shows tangible results in explaining how various IT and cyber security solutions combat specific business threats. To ultimately build an IT budget or implementation plan with all the information, and get it approved quickly!

In essence, Boardish transforms your IT threats and solutions into the Board’s language to not only get your IT budgets approved, but spark the necessary conversations between you and the board.

No more spreadsheets, no more misunderstandings, just effective IT budget approvals ….

Improve Business Reactivity

When you need fast IT budgeting approval. There’s Boardish.