How to Quantify and Communicate a Firewall’s Value and ROI for Executives​

Quantify a Firewall’s Value

How to Quantify and Communicate a Firewall’s Value and ROI for Executives

The impact of cyber products can be difficult to quantify especially for non-cyber professionals. And firewalls like FortiGate are one of those programs that you can’t see or feel but make a huge impact on cybersecurity.


This can make it challenging for cyber professionals to justify the use and the cost of cyber protection tools, but with Boardish, it’s possible to quantify the threats, solution, and even the FortiGate ROI.

How Boardish and Power BI Quantify FortiGate’s Value

Boardish is a risk quantification tool that gives CISOs and cyber professionals the ability to put value to the impact of the cyber risks a business currently has. This aids them by letting the company decision-makers (usually the Board) know of how much is at stake should the business suffer an attack.


This is particularly useful when trying to get a budget approved for a cybersecurity solution. Integrating it with Power BI takes it one step further because it gives Power BI users the flexibility to compare and analyse different data according to their needs.


So in the case of FortiGate, Power BI with the aid of Boardish will be able to quantify the following figures associated with having FortiGate installed as the company’s firewall:

  • Daily cost of a breach ($97,440)
  • Cost of threat mitigated during the day ($68,210), week ($477,450), and year ($8,180,000)

These staggering figures are computed using the Boardish Methodology where you input the needed business information to quantify the cost of the threat. Combining it with Power BI, CISOs and cyber professionals can also quantify FortiGate’s solution efficiency of 70% given the total cost of the product, which is $152,000. If this isn’t enough, the FortiGate ROI of 5,384.82% can also be derived by the tool.


CISOs and cyber professionals can present these figures to decision-makers to give them a clear picture of how much costs FortiGate is saving the business and the return percentage from the investment. These figures justify the investment cost and are a sure way to get the attention of the Board members and enable them to make a decision based on figures that they can easily understand. 

Get Boardish for Your Power BI Tool

Add more power to Power BI by integrating Boardish to give CISOs and cyber professionals more flexibility to cyber reports. It allows you to quantify the amount the business would’ve lost if not for the cybersecurity measures taken to mitigate risks.



It allows you to compare and present data suited for specific needs or clients, especially for the decision-making process for getting approval for cybersecurity investments by quantifying threats, solutions, and the FortiGate ROI or any other cyber protection tool used.

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