Meet The Boardish Team

Eli Migdal

IT and cyber expert Eli has helped countless businesses of all sizes advance their IT solutions. With high profile clients across Israel and Europe he has had to get many IT budgets approved throughout his career and fully understands the challenges this creates for IT managers, CTO’s, CIO’s, and CISO’s.

Hadar Kantor

With over 19 years of experience dealing with board communication, Hadar has extensive management experience, particularly in management psychology and corporate organisation. He specialises in personalised coaching for CEOs and senior executives so understands the language the board needs to hear.

Combining Eli’s technological and cyber security background with Hadar’s board management understanding and expertise has created the perfect environment to develop a tool to help both sides bridge the communication gap. The Boardish team is saying, it’s about time technology can speak Boardish…

Charlotte Ratcliffe

Helping Boardish to be heard, Charlotte is married to a long-term IT manager and has over 8 years of marketing experience so she’s seen first hand the stresses and challenges of high-level IT professionals. In charge of Marketing, she has partnered with Boardish to help all tech-wives and husbands everywhere to make their job a little easier.


Boardish is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between IT and the board to streamline decision making when it comes to cyber security and technology.

The aim is to provide tangible and quantifiable risk analysis to cyber security, a fast paced and frequently changing area in business. Something that, until now, was hard to quantify in cost and risk analysis.

Boardish is not only revolutionizing how CISOs, CTOs and IT managers approach the board, but shows tangible results in explaining how various IT and cyber security solutions combat specific business threats. To ultimately build an IT budget or implementation plan with all the information, and get it approved quickly!

In essence, Boardish transforms your IT threats and solutions into the Board’s language to not only get your IT budgets approved, but spark the necessary conversations between you and the board.

No more spreadsheets, no more misunderstandings, just effective IT budgeting approvals ….

Improve Business Reactivity

When technology meets ‘bottom line’, There’s Boardish.