Monthly Analytical Cyber Reports

Since Boardish launched from BETA to production our emphasis on trying to create simplicity for cyber professionals is still at the forefront.

So we are releasing monthly insight reports to our Premium users which you can also download below allowing you to track changes in cyber trends across threat, solution, and regulatory landscapes. These insights can help create a picture of the ever changing landscape and track new trends as they evolve each month. 

Reports can be purchased individually for $129, or they are included as part of our premium packages. To sign up to Boardish, use our pricing page here.

*You can download the first February 2020 report for free here. (or scroll down)

Update: 19/04/2020: Following the Covid-19 reaching pandemic status we have decided to offer this report for free to allow the cyber community better insight into risks and solutions to businesses as a result of COVID-19. We hope that it helps provide some insight and quantification assistance to businesses during this troubling time.

Latest Report: May 2020

This month’s report is another that is heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and whilst this has changed the type of threats and solutions that are being quantified, the recent months have given excellent insights into how cyber professionals are handling this ‘emergency’ situation.

As with last month’s report we’re still seeing that ‘ongoing’ budget approval has been replaced with more immediate spending approvals, but we’re also seeing a glimmer of attempted forecasting this month as businesses come to terms with and try to plan for this new way of working.

This report is a little different because we’ve been speaking directly to our users, partners, and the cyber community to bring you the information that you care most about. So, we’re looking at the core 3 trends in various sections of the Boardish ecosystem to bring you the most ‘interesting’ parts that help you build a picture of the wider cyber landscape as it’s happening!

april report front cover

April 2020

This month’s report comes during the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak and this is obvious throughout our metrics. One of the most obvious trends we see in Boardish, and this also comes after several sessions with our clients is the fact that most IT & Cyber budgeting processes have been halted.

Ongoing budget approval has been replaced with spending evaluations business-wide whilst organizations evaluate the landscape in relation to COVID-19 and monitor closely before making a decision. In fact, when writing this report (beginning of April) we see that only 58% of users who usually update their information monthly did so this month, it is still the “period of shock” for most.

March 2020

This month’s report has surprised us at the level of impact external and non-technological issues have caused on the strategy and structure of the cyber security and IT landscape. Heavily focused on the effects of the Coronavirus, but from a technical standpoint, in this report we share the changes in trends and inputs we have seen from our users this month. *Each report is based on the month before, so in this case the data relates to February 2020.

February 2020

In this initial report we're explaining the increase in threat trends and which are on the rise within our infrastructure of cyber professionals. The solutions that are being preferred as well as linking all the data together to see the bigger picture.Based on the insights and statistics found within the Boardish infrastructure, our Cyber Security analytics team led by Co-Founder Eli Migdal will also be offering commentary and in-depth analysis to the data from a CISO perspective. The first of our reports is available freely to all users and you can download it below. Each report is based on the month before, so in this case the data relates to January 2020. 

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