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At Boardish we are on a mission to help the cyber community add simplicity to complex cyber quantification. And as such we’ve developed resources to provide clarity and help navigate the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Our completely free eBooks and graphics help to break down the role of CISOs and other cyber professionals to provide better understanding of the growing role of cyber within businesses in the digital era.

If you’re looking for analytical resources based on our Boardish infrastructure, check out our monthly cyber reports page here.

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3 Of The Biggest Challenges Cyber Security Experts Will Face in 2020

and how to fix them!

In 2019, 53% of companies found over 1,000 sensitive files were open to every employee, leaving the organisation wide open to the risk of data breach and leakage. Without a good security infrastructure and strategy, it’s almost impossible to detect such issues before a breach happens.
By 2020, the security budgets will largely be allocated towards detection and response—about 60% of budgets will go towards this goal, according to Gartner.
In this eBook we look at the 3 core challenges that cybersecurity will face this year, as well as how to fix them.

How To Quantify Cyber Threats As A CISO In 2020

The current threat landscape requires continuous efforts in the identification of main cyber threats to the organization’s decision makers. Security posture needs to be maintained and updated for your organization to be truly responsive.
CISOs need to be prepared for 2020 and coordinate their security efforts with the board and their company goals.happens.

Communicating cyber threats in the board’s language—exact figures and business impact—requires a way to quantify these threats.


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Best Parctice Business Vulnerabilty Assessment Process


Case Studies

The Agro-tech Industry

The following case study highlights how a CISO working hand in hand with IT of one of the largest Agro-tech organizations in the world successfully got the board’s approval for wide-scale investments to mitigate potential data breaches.

By helping the CISO and IT communicate better with the board we showed the exact impact the business would face, the true cost of solutions, as well as how security posture would be affected.

Download the Boardish case study below:

The Biotech Industry

Within this Boardish case study we will show how Boardish was instrumental in the successful approval and adoption of cyber security strategies put forward by the IT team to the board within an organisation in the BioTech Industry.
By bridging the communication gap between technology and ‘the bottom line’ we were able to help this organisation to meet regulation guidelines as well as better understand technology at the C-suite and board level.

Download the Boardish case study below:

The Hospitality Industry

This case study will showcase how Boardish helped a prominent global hotel chain to progress its cybersecurity development that had stagnated after a consultant identified “legacy cybersecurity issues” preventing remote access to their employees.
As an organization with almost 5,000 employees without remote access to any of the company resources it prevented workflow and productivity and became a component of company culture making it hard to change internally.
The core challenge Boardish was needed for was to help board members understand why they need to allow mobile accessibility to company resources, and that it’s possible to do this and still meet all the necessary security requirements.

Download the Boardish case study below:

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