The Average Cyber Budget

From SMB to Enterprise

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Everyone wants to know the average cyber budget for enterprises and small businesses alike, but the reality is, there’s a lot that goes into this figure. 

And let’s be honest, what is ‘best practice’ and what happens pragmatically are often different things! 

The source of this report is based on the Boardish insights we’ve discovered over the last 3 years through our clients as well as our own research. Boardish CTO and long-term CISO to many Enterprises, Eli Migdal shares his experience across the SMB & Enterprise cyber landscape. 

In this report we share: 

  • Why the cyber budget is so hard to pinpoint 

  • What drives differences in the enterprise cyber budget

  • The average cyber budget for SMBs

  • The average cyber budget for enterprises

Get your cyber budget approved 

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