Use Boardish with Power BI and Quantify CISO ROI

Use Boardish with Power BI and Quantify CISO ROI

The value of cyber and CISOs aren’t always apparent to the company’s Board or executives.  After all, what protects the golden goose may seem like an abstract fence to some when it’s actually a sophisticated and holistic defense protocol that ensures the business keeps going.



So how can a CISO or other cyber professional show the value and need for their role, when everything is so intangible? 


The latest Power BI update from Boardish gives you just this! A dashboard template that helps you show the value of cyber to the specific company. 

What’s the value of a CISO?

The value of a CISO can be determined by how much the salary the CISO gets and how well the CISO does their job in securing the business. If you’re a CISO, questions may have been raised on the amount of money you’re paid versus the quantifiable value you bring to the organisation. 


This is because one of the main challenges that CISOs and other cyber professionals encounter is communicating the value of cyber to company executives, especially when it comes to seeking approval for cybersecurity investments. The Board may not be able to see beyond the investment budget you need and the work related to ensuring the business is protected from cyber threats.


But with a risk quantification and business analytics tool, it’s possible to put a number to the cost of cyber threats and their impact to determine the real value of the CISO and cybersecurity. And this is where Boardish and Power BI can calculate the value of CISO and of cyber to the organisation.

How Boardish and Power BI Can Calculate CISO ROI

If your company utilises Power BI for data analysis and visualisation to aid in the decision-making process, integrating Boardish as a data source gives you greater flexibility. 


You can simulate: 

  • The total threat to the organisation. 
  • How much of that threat the cyber executive or CISO is responsible for
  • Then how much of it they are mitigating, so you can show return on investment for their role. 

Looking at a snapshot of the Power BI dashboard below, you can see that the total threat cost to the business is $153.73 Million. The CISO in this case is responsible for 10% ($13.57 million) but they are actually mitigating $41 million.



This shows us that: 

  • The CISO is bringing is excellent ROI (16188%!) 
  • Only 13% of the cyber budget is being spent on the top level human cost
  • The CISO is only costing 1.84% of the amount of risk the company has


Being able to show this ROI data justifies the cost of investment of the CISO, as well as how much risk the company needs to mitigate. Perfect for consultants or external vendors who need to show their value, as well as internal executives discussing with the board/decision-makers. 

Get Boardish for Power BI 

If you want to add Boardish to Power BI, and get this template to start using immediately in your organisation or to justify your role as a client. Visit this page to learn more: 

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